CT Hernia CenterWhat would happen if I
don't get my hernia repaired?


There are several complications that can occur if a hernia is not treated including:

Strangulation: This occurs when the blood supply to the bowel becomes severely restricted. As a result, the bowel tissue becomes damaged because of a lack of oxygen and nutrients. This condition is called ischemia, which can lead to part of the bowel dying (necrosis).

Obstruction: When a portion of the bowel sticks out through the wall of the abdomen, this creates a hernia. Sometimes a partial or complete blockage of the bowel occurs. Then contents of the bowel cannot pass through. This results in cramps, and later on vomiting and the inability to defecate (eliminate solid waste material from the body).

Dysfunction: This is another complication that happens when the organ that is herniated or surrounding organs, start to malfunction. This can cause other symptoms like heartburn or back pain.